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Employee Benefit Plan Solutions believes in sharing success. Together with MonIdee and Business InVentures we help organizations share their success and improve involvement in a fair way.

How does it work?

Using EBP you can easily find reward systems for your employees. Every organization is different. Together with a tax specialist we take a look at your organization and select the best benefit plan for your organization. Next, your organization will be valuated and options will be created. Using Toption from MonIdee these options can be distributed. Also every option holder can see the amount and value of their stock at any time. Employee Benefit Plan Solutions has the following advantages:

  • Employees feel that they are taken seriously
  • Increased employee involvement
  • Lower salary costs
  • Higher productivity
  • Alternative pension plans


Employees are one of the most important success factors of a company, but start-ups and other fast-growing companies have a lot of trouble getting and keeping talent. Employee Benefit Plan Solutions (EBP) is a platform for private companies to share success with your employees and make working for you more attractive.


Step 1

Your preferred employee benefit plan

Step 2

Your company valuation

Step 3

Your administration platform


Increased productivity


More qualified employees


More solidarity among employees


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